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Health Benefits

Traditionally, many cultures around the world have been preserving and pickling lemons throughout their history; even in many Middle Eastern and North African countries such as Morocco, Egypt and Israel.


The people in these countries have also pickled and preserved their lemons for cooking, for condiment use, and for making desserts. While they are made in slightly different ways and mainly for different purposes from various countries, many parts of Southeast Asia, particularly in China and in Vietnam, commonly use it to mix hot or cold drinks, and to use it for cooking as well.


Long before over-the-counter Western medicine became widely available in Southeast Asian countries, or even before the Asian people gradually became more familiar and receptive towards commercialized Western medicine, salted lemons were used as one of the most effective and traditional herbal remedies for common seasonal symptoms such as cough, sore throat, dehydration, upset stomach, as well as cleansing indigestion and more.

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