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What is it?

Pickled lemon (chanh muối) is a traditional recipe that has been around in Vietnam for centuries.


It is meant to be served in small amounts, and it has a salty and sour taste to it.


This recipe can be stored outside of the refrigerator, and the sea salt helps to keep it outside for years.


It is known to taste better and as an herbal remedy, become more effective  as time goes by.


How is it made?

This handmade recipe requires a lot of attention and time in order for their benefits to become effective.


The lemons are exfoliated with sea salt to rid the bitterness taste from the juice and to soften the outer skin at the same time.


The lemons are then steamed to continue softening the skin and preventing it from rotting over time.


Afterwards, they are placed outside to dry under the sun.



How is it served?

These pickled lemons are finely smashed and are served in small amounts. 


It can be added in hot water with a spoon of honey for a nice warm remedy.  


For hot summer days, it can be added in iced cold water as a refreshing, briny drink or mix it with carbonated water to quench your thirst.

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